Residential Building Services


We are a local building crew you can trust. One which is licensed, bonded and has over 100 years of combined building experience right here in Sonoma County. 


BW Builder specializes in high-end, custom home builds. We will stay small by design, so we can focus on our customer needs. We communicate with clients consistently and clearly. While this company is new, our crew have produced quality together homes for over 30 years.

Not only is our crew one of the top in Sonoma County, our staff has resources to help you obtain every last penny of insurance coverage that you are owed. Insurance companies can be complicated to work with and they can truly make your life frustrating. 

If you are in contract to build with us, our team has the expertise to call the insurance company and obtain the funds. You let us handle that. We know how to push an adjuster, get your code upgrade coverage and read your policy to be sure you receive every penny you deserve! Our experts get the insurance company to pay up!


Who We Serve

We won’t be building 10, 50, 500, or 1,000 homes. We will be selective in what we choose to build in order to give our full attention to our clients and their needs. That way, our crew can keep focused on our selected builds, we can finish them efficiently, without mistakes, and get them built on budget.


We endeavor to eliminate all sources of frustration normally associated with a build. We will treat our clients and our crew with the respect and dignity we all deserve.


Who Is Building

Our crew is specialized in mid to high-end custom residential buildings. We have expert knowledge in all phases of construction from the foundation to roof, permits to insurance claims. This includes site layout, building documents, proper site supervision, safety protocols and constant communication between builder and client.

Bill Wallace, President and GC









General contractor, project and materials manager. Bill handles the scheduling of supplies and work flow of the project. Bill has spent his entire adult life in and around the world of home construction. His experience and integrity are hard to match. 

Matt Everson, CEO










Former owner of MJ Everson Financial, Matt manages the business and operational sides of the business. He is the primary client contact and keeps our clients current and on board with building status. He's a successful entrepreneur with a passion for helping Santa Rosa rebuild.

A unique part of Matt's skill set is the experience he has had working with and more importantly against insurance companies. If your insurance company is playing hardball with releasing funds, they change their tune when Matt gets on the phone. Suddenly, they are made of any ways they are violating the laws by making your claim process more difficult than it should be. He can help you understand your rights and force the company to be fair and pay you every dollar you deserve!

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