"I would not be where I am, insurance wise, without the report you generated."

Mike H. - Santa Rosa, CA

Our Reason For Being In Business


BW Builder, Inc. has spent two decades building custom homes in Sonoma County. Today, while we still build a select few homes, we have used our expertise in estimating, along with use our data trove of building experience, to help disaster victims and others estimate the cost to rebuild a home.


We create scope of loss reports for disaster survivors from all over the globe.


We also have learned that many general contractors could use help in running their business efficiently, finding build clients and growing profits. We will soon be publishing our book - "A Better Way to Build" - with topics like office management, collecting from insurance companies, how to market effectively, how to double profits and your free time and more. Select chapters can be found our our blog. Release of book will be late Spring 2020.

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