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Starting up a GC Biz - Lots of things to consider

If you are thinking of taking the leap into starting a business, you may have heard of wearing multiple hats. Do you know how many hats there are to wear in a small business? I seem to always count one more than the last time I checked. In any small one person business you are the technician, the office manager, the human resources manager, the bookkeeper, the supervisor, the receptionist, the marketing manager, etc. A small mundane task ends up being just one more thing on top of the mountain of tasks to complete. You have to do this at first but it can't last. What's great about this is that as you grow and hire employees, you'll be very aware of their roles and what it takes to complete them well.

Managing a job site can be a full time job, let alone multiple job sites. How do you wear every hat required of a small business and do so to create value in your company? The answer is you don’t and you can’t. These are the business owners who burn out and become jaded. The work they once loved now becomes torturous, the days never end and the days off are few and far between.

As a general contractor now and growing up in the trades - where was the reference manual to start a company? I wasn’t looking for the holy grail of contracting, every business is different, but there is a theme. What are best practices? Which good habits should I employ? Can I avoid the hard lessons others have learned without making their mistakes?

I needed more than the contracting state license board pamphlet of how to be a contractor! I wanted to succeed and couldn't easily find the tools to get me there. The contractors I looked up to and assumed were successful, actually were struggling at every turn. In fact they were being slowly and methodically beaten down, the perceived control of their own business was a farce. Their business was controlling them! Our industry has the highest suicide rate of ANY! We have high alcoholism, dependency and abuse figures. This business is really tough. Our book is designed to help you run the business and stop letting it run you.

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