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A Better Way To Build and Estimate

Updated: Apr 1, 2020

The construction business is already hard enough. Why do so many GC's make it harder?

We all hear how 90% of small businesses fail before they have lasted 5 years. We all have stories about this employee doing that or this regulator forcing this, all the various excuses of why a business fails. Being in business, any business, is difficult. But the construction business? With all the risk, all the hassle, all the clients who don't know a nail from a screw? It's really hard. That's why BW Builder decided to write about the business. We feel like we can double your income and your free time away from work.

No way, you say? Fine, just keep on doing what you're doing. No one forced you to read this. The guys writing this (Bill and Matt) have employed some very simply systems and techniques to achieve their financial and life goals. We want to share those. So, if you feel like your business owns you, not the other way around, read on. If you'd like simple tips to make your clients happy and have them excitedly send you referrals, read on. If you'd like the ability to step away from the job, leave it at the job site, and enjoy some time with your friends? Read on.

Bill has grown from a 14 year old company “pilot” (Hey kid! Grab that lumber and ‘pile it’ over there!) to a union carpenter to assistant project manager to project manager to business owner of multiple companies. Matt has started and sold companies in various industries. His business management techniques come to him from decades of entrepreneurship, executive coaching, reading a zillion books and putting together a system that, after years of trial and error, provably works to increase referrals, revenue and free time. Double your revenue and your free time? What if this stuff only increased your free time and profits by 25%? If you're ready to be a business owner and tired of being owned by your business, you'll like our Better Way to Build series. Watch the blog for now and look for our book soon!

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