Pre-Disaster Estimate

With all of the recent 

Wondering if you'll have enough to rebuild?

Do you know how much it will cost to rebuild your home? Many Californians are surprised to learn that the market price of their home is typically less than the cost to rebuild it.

For the one-time cost of $75, we design a personalized, 5 page estimate that provides you with the current cost to rebuild your home - in the event of a standard loss and what it might look like after a disaster. 


Often, it is only after a disaster when folks learn their coverage amounts were too low. According to a 2018 United Policyholders survey, up to 75% of area homeowners were not properly insured for the wildfires in Sonoma and Napa County in 2017.


We have the ability to give you a more realistic look at the true cost to rebuild. That way, you can discuss with your insurance company how to properly cover your property.

Because there are so many variations of homes and insurance policies, this report is only intended to provide you with data. It cannot be seen as a true estimate derived from building specifications. It is designed to give a property owner a solid idea of the cost to rebuild. We recommend any property owner discuss the findings with their insurance agent, legal team or financial adviser to be certain their holdings are properly insured. For a more detailed report needed after a disaster or loss, please see our Scope of Loss section.

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