filled with building plans and backgroun

Matt has been an angel for me. I'm in my 80's and I think my insurance company was expecting me to accept their lowball offer. They were taking advantage of my age and my frail health. Their report and his guidance have been a godsend." Joan A. - Coffey Park

We have a 7 page intake form we will provide upon getting into contract. That helps us collect and organize all the data on the home you lost. We can also use -

Floor plans -  Hopefully you have obtained an electronic version of your floor plans. If not, we can work of paper scrolls.  Short of that, our contractor can work with you to recreate the floor plan of the home.

House Documents -  Any estimates, any written settlement offers, or any documentation like invoices, appraisals or estimates. Any data that will help us build a report that reflects what you lost as accurately as possible.

Other Supporting Evidence - Are you in contract to rebuild? Have photos? Did you recently remodel? Can that contractor get us any documents? A list from a client detailing upgrades, remodel, changes and anything else done to the home will help us build as accurate a report as possible.